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Form+ adds more flexibility to your Google Forms

Use Google Forms for teaching? This handy tool can accept file uploads making it easier to organize student assignments. @FreeTechforteachers

Alternatives to physical clickers in the classroom

Have a large class and want a tool to help you engage students and receive instant feedback about how students understand concepts you’re teaching? Already tried Clicker technology? Here’s an alternative. Get all the benefits of teaching with Clickers but use something more software based. @ETC blog

Good for what? Considering context in building learning objects

Context is key in guiding considerations on the creation of sequential tutorials. @Information Wants to be Free

Information literacy & improving user experience – is there a conflict?

Discovery services – the one-box search – may allow librarians to focus less on teaching tools and more on teaching concepts and processes. @Musings on Librarianship

Using Twitter to create an interactive information literacy lecture

Using Twitter in IL instruction Prezi. @Sussex Library

Google for remote tech / reference support

A free alternative: remote assistance via Google Hangouts’ Remote Desktop
@Distant Librarian

Organizing my research life [updated]

Want to find, store, organize, and access scholarly information in the safest and most efficient way possible? @Academic Librarian

“Share and share alike: barriers and solutions to tutorial creation and management”

For instruction librarians who want to build tutorials but have little time or tech expertise: use a content management system.

Citation manager roundup

Zotero & Mendeley Read @ACRL TechConnect

…the best Google Alerts alternative: TalkWalker Alerts

Google Alerts could go the way of Google Reader and be dropped. TalkWalker Alerts is the best alternative. @CommunitiesandCollaboration

Hacking Prezi as a platform for visual composition and design experimentation

Use Prezi for designing a wide array of visual compositions… Read more @ProfHacker

Embedding a Fargo outline in Canvas

How one prof uses Fargo, a simple outliner, to teach concepts in the Canvas learning management system… pretty much told students, he says, they were crazy not to use it. Read @Gravitropic Also see: A week with Fargo

Spare me the hype

On the next new, hot thing. But is it a good fit? @Technology in Practice

23 mobile things: Join the Australian/New Zealand course

Free online course organized by librarians in NZ and Australia. Read more
Via TametheWeb

15+ great Chrome extensions for teachers

Read @EducationalTech+MobileLearning

7 #Android #Nexus7 #Handwriting recognition and note-taking apps

App suggestions for taking handwritten notes on Android tablets. Read @Around the Corner

iPad workflows – getting work on/off your iPad

iPads work differently than computers … they have a different workflow. How to share work easily with others. Read… @Around the Corner

Revisiting your learning management system

Three reasons for selecting WordPress as an alternate to proprietary learning management systems. Read @ProfHacker

Clippick: Copy. Past anywhere.

Oh wow, this might actually be a real game-changer. Clippick is a cross-platform tool/app… Read more… @Distant Librarian

“Mobile learning: the teacher in your pocket”

Chapter essay on mobile learning by Meredith Farkas

January 2021