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Top ed-tech trends of 2013: hardware

Audrey Watters on top 2013 ed-tech trends

Good for what? Considering context in building learning objects

Context is key in guiding considerations on the creation of sequential tutorials. @Information Wants to be Free

Using Twitter to create an interactive information literacy lecture

Using Twitter in IL instruction Prezi. @Sussex Library

Google for remote tech / reference support

A free alternative: remote assistance via Google Hangouts’ Remote Desktop
@Distant Librarian

Making sense of databases in Libguides

Cleanly designed LibGuides with collapsible features. Finished project here.

A brief guide to the best sites for finding freely usable images

List of sites for freely usable images @LibraryMarketingToolkit

Citation manager roundup

Zotero & Mendeley Read @ACRL TechConnect

…the best Google Alerts alternative: TalkWalker Alerts

Google Alerts could go the way of Google Reader and be dropped. TalkWalker Alerts is the best alternative. @CommunitiesandCollaboration

Hacking Prezi as a platform for visual composition and design experimentation

Use Prezi for designing a wide array of visual compositions… Read more @ProfHacker

Spare me the hype

On the next new, hot thing. But is it a good fit? @Technology in Practice

How are discovery systems similar to Google? How are they different?

How the Summon discovery system differs from Google/Google Scholar @MusingsAboutLibrarianship

iPad workflows – getting work on/off your iPad

iPads work differently than computers … they have a different workflow. How to share work easily with others. Read… @Around the Corner

Clippick: Copy. Past anywhere.

Oh wow, this might actually be a real game-changer. Clippick is a cross-platform tool/app… Read more… @Distant Librarian

15 web design trends for 2013

Computers in Libraries 2013 presentation by David Lee and web design trends. Read

The top 20 data visualization tools

Includes chart and line graph visualizations, mapping, infographics, and more. Read

Taking [handwritten] notes on your iPad

Suggestions for iPad apps that work with a stylus. Read @AroundtheCorner

…stepping away from Google

A plan B from ed tech professional Miguel Guhlin. Read on @AroundtheCorner

Considering the librarian tech skills gap

After suggesting LibraryBox (portable private digital file distribution) is too complex for many a librarian, the author ruminates on why… Read @Attempting Elegance

Linking to exact minutes and seconds in YouTube videos

YouTube has a way for you to link to the exact minute and second within a video by messing with the URL a bit… Read on @ResearchBuzz

Setting up research consultation appointments using Doodle’s MeetMe page

Make scheduling appointments with students easier using the find-a-good-meeting-time site Doodle and its MeetMe feature. Read more @UndergradSciLibrarian

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