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9 factors every creative needs to know about collaborative teams

What makes a group of individuals a cohesive team unit? Read… @99u

Organizing my research life [updated]

Want to find, store, organize, and access scholarly information in the safest and most efficient way possible? @Academic Librarian

Revisiting your learning management system

Three reasons for selecting WordPress as an alternate to proprietary learning management systems. Read @ProfHacker

Clippick: Copy. Past anywhere.

Oh wow, this might actually be a real game-changer. Clippick is a cross-platform tool/app… Read more… @Distant Librarian

Build your own (affordable) standing desk

Want to change your mental and physical stamina at work? A standing desk will do it. I swear by my mine. Read on… @ProfHacker

Three applications for planning classes

3 tools combined — Scrivener, Evernote and Workflowy — eases some of the trepidation of organizing materials in a coherent way. Read @ProfHacker

Shared vision, transparency, and the high performing organization

One of the major characteristics of a high performing organization is that everyone is very clear on what the organization is working toward. There’s a shared vision. If asked what their organization’s vision is, each staff person’s answer will be strikingly similar. As most of us know, this is rarely the case in most organizations. Read more @Information Wants To Be Free

Must-have iPad apps

Uber ed tech professional Miguel Guhlin’s list of key iPad apps. Read @AroundtheCorner

Setting up research consultation appointments using Doodle’s MeetMe page

Make scheduling appointments with students easier using the find-a-good-meeting-time site Doodle and its MeetMe feature. Read more @UndergradSciLibrarian

More insights on sharpening your creative mind

Bringing incredible creative projects to life demands much hard work down in the trenches of day-to-day idea execution. Genius truly is “1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”… Read more… @99u

The value of taking a productive pause

Stories about creative insight often involve some kind of “productive pause”… @99u Read on…

Zotero quick tip: transform title text

Have you ever used Zotero to grab a citation from a library or journal database, only to have to retype the title of the article because it’s not capitalized correctly? … @ProfHacker Read on

Making your work hours less stressful and more productive by sitting less

As much as the work of library/information professionals traditionally involves lots of sitting, there’s no denying it. Its negative effects are increasingly being voiced (including at Wired, the New York Times and Harvard Business Review). Read Library Hat on the subject. Also see linked post below re standing desks (11/25/12).

GSR: designing your workflow

“This post and its sister post Designing Your Writing Flow are a collection of tidbits on better managing productivity in the academic world” – which easily translates to the academic librarian world. @Research Rhetoric Rambling Read more …

Bring nomadic employees back to the mothership

Given the prediction that 1.3 billion people will be working remotely by 2015, what kind of workplaces (and colleges and universities) will we need. @Harvard Business Review Read more …

Stand (in the place where you work)

An experiment in using a standing desk at work. Benefits include a reduction in feelings of end-of-the-day tiredness and a boost in work productivity. @ProfHacker Read more …

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