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Open access and the humanities: reimagining our future

If we don’t find an open access model that works for the humanities, others will and we will be wholly at their mercy, says Martin Eve. Read @TheGuardian


7 ways librarians can participate in open access/source/education communities

As a librarian I use a lot of information, software, and resources which are made available to me through creative commons licensing, open access repositories, and the open source community. If you’re like me and looking for ways to give back, here are a few ideas for ways you can contribute to these amazing communities… Read on @OEDb_iLibrarian

Opening moves

Just a couple of years ago, open access to scholarly research seemed a cause that, like universal access to health care, was both sensible and doomed to fail … But in recent months we’ve seen a lot of progress. Read more… @LibraryBabelFish

Good government in action, and inaction

On the 1) White House’s recent policy announcement to make federally funded research available to the public and 2) the Georgia State case. Read… @ScholarlyCommunicationsDuke

Webinar Feb 26: The critical role of librarians in OER (open educational resources) adoption

Hear about how librarians are leading the way in searching, curating, and creating OER to expand student access and improve teaching practices at community colleges. Webinar will feature three such projects Read more… Related: online OER resources article

5 things I learnt about Open Access after reading Crawford’s & Suber’s books

Seeking to get up to speed on the idea of Open Access, Tay relates key concepts and thinking surrounding OA that surprised him most. @Musings about Librarianship Read more …
Related: Hiding your research behind a journal’s paywall is unacceptable

A year in open access advocacy: 2012

Carrying through with his theme of advocating for a fairer and more just scholarly publishing ecosystem, Dupuis offers a year end review. @ConfessionsSciLibrarian Read on

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