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DIY vs. startup, or false dichotomies and labels

If you ask a group of people what DIY means within librarianship, you’ll get a lot of different answers. And I saw a lot of different ideas of DIY in the discussion at ACRL. Read more… @Information Wants to Be Free


DIY library culture and the academy

Librarianship has seen a groundswell of innovative do-it-yourself (DIY) activity in recent years… For academic librarians this DIY culture is closely tied with professional development and scholarship, but what does it say about the future of the academic library profession? From Lead Pipe editors. Read on @LeadPipe

For libraries, MOOCs bring uncertainty and opportunity

A lot of the discussion about massive open online courses has revolved around students and professors. What role can academic librarians play in the phenomenon, and what extra responsibilities do MOOCs create for them? Read @ChronicleHigherEd

The short game and the long game

In library instruction its easy to concentrate on tools or how to do things… But they are just tools. If we only spend time on them we’re giving students skills for the present, but compromising their future. Tools change… Read on @Information Tyrannosaur

Stratification and losing faculty status

I was surprised when I read a couple of weeks ago that the University of Virginia was taking faculty status away from its librarians. Even more surprising was the fact that it was at the behest of the University Librarian (it seems like these challenges come, more often, from outside of the library)… Read on @Information Wants To Be Free

The basic skills of all librarians

Digging into the notion of “basic skills all librarians should have” Read on @Academic Librarian

What do you know about first-gen students?

Some of the challenges first-generation students face, and the likelihood of such students going on to or graduating college is growing startling worse. @ LibraryJournal Read more

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