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Thesis writing as method acting

Undergrads and scholarly writing, insights from Pegasus Librarian

5 reasons to use Blackboard’s online quizzes

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Leveraging visual literacy for communication

This webinar presentation (highly recommended – see archived version) shares successful techniques for using images in library instruction.

Presented by Nicole Brown, NYU Multidisciplinary Instruction Librarian.

Understanding why errors happen is more important than spotting them

The more information you glean by reading student papers, by seeing how students are applying what they’ve learned, the clearer you are on what you need to do in the classroom, in building learning objects, and in working with disciplinary faculty.
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Good for what? Considering context in building learning objects

Context is key in guiding considerations on the creation of sequential tutorials. @Information Wants to be Free

Information literacy & improving user experience – is there a conflict?

Discovery services – the one-box search – may allow librarians to focus less on teaching tools and more on teaching concepts and processes. @Musings on Librarianship

Google for remote tech / reference support

A free alternative: remote assistance via Google Hangouts’ Remote Desktop
@Distant Librarian

“Talking about information literacy: the mediating role of discourse in a college writing classroom”

Stop talking about finding sources. Frame the work as learning about something. Article & Library Babel Fish on it.

Our new model for Freshman instruction and how it went

Learn from the success of Portland State’s integration of information literacy instruction into first-year general ed classes. Meredith Farkas breaks it down. @InformationWantstoBeFree

“Revising the ‘one-shot’… collaborating with writing faculty to rebuild a library instruction session”

Librarians and English faculty at one college participated in a year-long study identifying learning goals, integrating active learning techniques and conducting meaningful assessment… Read article @CRL

Library DIY: unmediated point-of-need support

Taking into account DIY students: Library DIY @Information WantsTo Be Free

“Share and share alike: barriers and solutions to tutorial creation and management”

For instruction librarians who want to build tutorials but have little time or tech expertise: use a content management system.

Things we know about how information works that our students don’t know (yet)

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15+ great Chrome extensions for teachers

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2013 ACRL recorded panel: …enhancing learning through mapping, rubrics, and portfolios

Audio of panel, slides also available here Via Char Booth @Info-mational

“One-shot or embedded?”

Is a one-shot presentation or embedded instruction a more effective method of information literacy instruction? Read article @Evidence Based Library and Information Practice

“Four quick flips: activities for the information literacy classroom”

Read article @CRLn

“Diving into distance learning librarianship”

Tips and advice for new, and seasoned, distance learning librarians. Read article @ACRLn

“Mobile learning: the teacher in your pocket”

Chapter essay on mobile learning by Meredith Farkas

Information literacy at the reference desk

Reference interactions are just as an essential component to info lit instruction as one-shot lessons. Read… @ACRLog

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