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Liaison connection

As scholarly communication changes, as academic programs of cross-disciplinary clusters emerge and new media and means of distribution come on the scene, the culture of liaison librarians undergoes similar cross-disciplinary, collaborative shifts… @ACRLn

Leveraging visual literacy for communication

This webinar presentation (highly recommended – see archived version) shares successful techniques for using images in library instruction.

Presented by Nicole Brown, NYU Multidisciplinary Instruction Librarian.

9 factors every creative needs to know about collaborative teams

What makes a group of individuals a cohesive team unit? Read… @99u

Hacking Prezi as a platform for visual composition and design experimentation

Use Prezi for designing a wide array of visual compositions… Read more @ProfHacker

The past, present, and future of scholarly publishing

M Eisen weighs in on reinventing the scholarly publishing system… By replacing the current journal hierarchy with a structured classification of research areas and levels of interest, this new system would undermine the generally poisonous “winner take all” attitude associated with publication in Science, Nature and their ilk. Read more

ACS solutions: the sturm and drang

A chemical storm recently blew up across the blogosphere, involving the American Chemical Society [ACS] journals, the serials crisis of unsustainably high prices, and one brave librarian, Jenica Rogers at SUNY Potsdam, who said “Enough!” Read more @ACRLog

…stepping away from Google

A plan B from ed tech professional Miguel Guhlin. Read on @AroundtheCorner

Not an April Fool’s joke: the New York Times has built a haiku bot

Read more @NiemanJournal

Open access and the humanities: reimagining our future

If we don’t find an open access model that works for the humanities, others will and we will be wholly at their mercy, says Martin Eve. Read @TheGuardian

Deep attention vs hyper attention

We think about “deep attention”—the ability to focus on one thing for a long period of time—as the normal way to process information. (And usually the normal way to find creative focus.) But what if it’s just the most recent paradigm for attention. Read on @99u

Good design: pleasing to the eyes “and” functional

Past posts and resources on good library design. Also Bohyun Kim explains the process of designing a promotional image for the library Read @ACRL TechConnect

More insights on sharpening your creative mind

Bringing incredible creative projects to life demands much hard work down in the trenches of day-to-day idea execution. Genius truly is “1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”… Read more… @99u

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