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“Intersections of scholarly communication and information literacy”

This ACRL white paper articulates three intersections between scholarly communication and information literacy (IL) and provides strategies for librarians from different backgrounds to initiate collaborations between scholarly communication and IL. Read Alternate interactive format here


“Information literacy cooperation by design”

Librarians at Washington State’s community and technical colleges identified pre-college and basic skills classes as places where students could benefit from information literacy (IL) instruction… Read article @CRLn

7 ways librarians can participate in open access/source/education communities

As a librarian I use a lot of information, software, and resources which are made available to me through creative commons licensing, open access repositories, and the open source community. If you’re like me and looking for ways to give back, here are a few ideas for ways you can contribute to these amazing communities… Read on @OEDb_iLibrarian

Shared vision, transparency, and the high performing organization

One of the major characteristics of a high performing organization is that everyone is very clear on what the organization is working toward. There’s a shared vision. If asked what their organization’s vision is, each staff person’s answer will be strikingly similar. As most of us know, this is rarely the case in most organizations. Read more @Information Wants To Be Free

“All together now: getting faculty, administrators, and staff engaged in information literacy assessment”

Succeeding in an area in which many libraries struggle, the Coates Library at Trinity University offers a model for libraries seeking to actively engage their campuses… Read article

Using collaborative sabotage (aka collaboratage) to teach tech/design/research

Authored by Char Booth of Claremont Colleges library, an advocate …of transparent co-creation and exploratory play, which can diffuse the anxiety and confusion that often attends learning a new tool, this post describes three examples of productive collaboratage. Read more… @Info-mational

“Faculty reconnect”

Creative outreach at Santa Rosa Junior College Libraries to keep discipline faculty up-to-date in the digital whirlwind @CRLn Read on…

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