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Using Twitter to create an interactive information literacy lecture

Using Twitter in IL instruction Prezi. @Sussex Library

“Talking about information literacy: the mediating role of discourse in a college writing classroom”

Stop talking about finding sources. Frame the work as learning about something. Article & Library Babel Fish on it.

Our new model for Freshman instruction and how it went

Learn from the success of Portland State’s integration of information literacy instruction into first-year general ed classes. Meredith Farkas breaks it down. @InformationWantstoBeFree

“Revising the ‘one-shot’… collaborating with writing faculty to rebuild a library instruction session”

Librarians and English faculty at one college participated in a year-long study identifying learning goals, integrating active learning techniques and conducting meaningful assessment… Read article @CRL

“Share and share alike: barriers and solutions to tutorial creation and management”

For instruction librarians who want to build tutorials but have little time or tech expertise: use a content management system.

The evolution of library instruction

The history of library instruction in a nutshell. @InformationTyrannosaur

Things we know about how information works that our students don’t know (yet)

Read @PegasusLibrarian

“One-shot or embedded?”

Is a one-shot presentation or embedded instruction a more effective method of information literacy instruction? Read article @Evidence Based Library and Information Practice

“Four quick flips: activities for the information literacy classroom”

Read article @CRLn

“Diving into distance learning librarianship”

Tips and advice for new, and seasoned, distance learning librarians. Read article @ACRLn

Meet me at the intersection

Dramatic changes taking place around scholarly communication have consequences for those who teach information literacy to graduate and undergraduate students… Read more @Scholarly Communication_Duke

Information literacy at the reference desk

Reference interactions are just as an essential component to info lit instruction as one-shot lessons. Read… @ACRLog

“Intersections of scholarly communication and information literacy”

This ACRL white paper articulates three intersections between scholarly communication and information literacy (IL) and provides strategies for librarians from different backgrounds to initiate collaborations between scholarly communication and IL. Read Alternate interactive format here

“Using instructional design principles to develop effective information literacy instruction: the ADDIE model”

Many academic librarians conduct instructional activities, but few possess more than a passing knowledge of pedagogical theory. One way librarians may overcome the pedagogical theory knowledge gap in designing effective library instruction is through… Read article @CRLn

“Information literacy cooperation by design”

Librarians at Washington State’s community and technical colleges identified pre-college and basic skills classes as places where students could benefit from information literacy (IL) instruction… Read article @CRLn

“All together now: getting faculty, administrators, and staff engaged in information literacy assessment”

Succeeding in an area in which many libraries struggle, the Coates Library at Trinity University offers a model for libraries seeking to actively engage their campuses… Read article

Flipping out: pre-flip planning

When our residency librarian decided to lead a group of instruction librarians to test the “flipped classroom” in library instruction, I welcomed the opportunity to discover how “flipping” might transform my classes. Read on… @ACRLog Related: The Flipped Classroom

“Turn your cell phones on: mobile phone polling as a tool for teaching information literacy”

By utilizing a technology that virtually all students have in their pockets librarians found that it increased engagement from previous iterations of the session…. from direct experience in over 30 different classes, we found that mobile phone polling is a useful tool for any librarian to have in their pedagogical toolbox. Read full text

Using collaborative sabotage (aka collaboratage) to teach tech/design/research

Authored by Char Booth of Claremont Colleges library, an advocate …of transparent co-creation and exploratory play, which can diffuse the anxiety and confusion that often attends learning a new tool, this post describes three examples of productive collaboratage. Read more… @Info-mational

“Pin it! Pinterest as a library marketing and information literacy tool”

Visualize concepts, narratives, and information using Pinterest – basically, a tool for creating, curating and mapping images on a pinboard. Use it to create engaging information competency skills assignments, for marketing books, and more. Read more.. @CRLn

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