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4 ways to bring users to your library resources from Wikipedia

Librarians should look for ways to enable users to somehow get from wikipedia pages to library resources more easily. But how? What follows are 4 ways I know that allow users to link back to library resources easily… Read on @MusingsAboutLibrarianship

Easy timelines with Timeline JS

Use timelines for teaching? Looking for a student project (for your info lit course?) that would involve learning the use of a web-based tool? Try this. It’s versatile, simple to use, and it’s free. Read more @ProfHacker

Why we miss the first sale doctrine in digital libraries

I examine the underlying role of law in the ebook lending debate and explore potential solutions to the problems… Read on @TheDigitalShift

Cracking the code: librarians acquiring essential coding skills

Programming skills can actually make many day-to-day tasks of librarians, especially those involving repeated or systematic steps (e.g. edit this whole pile of MARC records to a particular standard, provide more context in your chat widget) easier. Read more @TheDigitalShift Cf. Academic Librarian’s remarks

Setting up research consultation appointments using Doodle’s MeetMe page

Make scheduling appointments with students easier using the find-a-good-meeting-time site Doodle and its MeetMe feature. Read more @UndergradSciLibrarian

ONE lawsuit dropped by Edwin Mellen Press, but Askey is still being sued personally #FreeDaleAskey

The one suit against Askey and the university has been dropped but apparently not the original lawsuit against Askey personally. Read more @Distant Librarian

Tableau makes visual analytics tool free for students

Students enrolled at accredited schools worldwide can use the data-visualization desktop client that usually sells for $2,000. Read more @Information Week

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