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Flipping out: pre-flip planning

When our residency librarian decided to lead a group of instruction librarians to test the “flipped classroom” in library instruction, I welcomed the opportunity to discover how “flipping” might transform my classes. Read on… @ACRLog Related: The Flipped Classroom

“Turn your cell phones on: mobile phone polling as a tool for teaching information literacy”

By utilizing a technology that virtually all students have in their pockets librarians found that it increased engagement from previous iterations of the session…. from direct experience in over 30 different classes, we found that mobile phone polling is a useful tool for any librarian to have in their pedagogical toolbox. Read full text

Opening moves

Just a couple of years ago, open access to scholarly research seemed a cause that, like universal access to health care, was both sensible and doomed to fail … But in recent months we’ve seen a lot of progress. Read more… @LibraryBabelFish

Bad term paper math

More nuance from Pegasus Librarian: Four times as much nuance is a wonderful thing. Read…

Weekend reading: creative learning edition

On MIT’s Learning Creative Learning mooc, making, new ways of seeing, the future of the scholarly journal, and more. Read more… @ProfHacker

Good government in action, and inaction

On the 1) White House’s recent policy announcement to make federally funded research available to the public and 2) the Georgia State case. Read… @ScholarlyCommunicationsDuke

Being different, part 8: a summary of the topography of skill acquisition

Roy Tennant reflects on riding the waves, the ups and downs, ins and outs, of acquiring new skills. Read… @TheDigitalShift

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