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The short game and the long game

In library instruction its easy to concentrate on tools or how to do things… But they are just tools. If we only spend time on them we’re giving students skills for the present, but compromising their future. Tools change… Read on @Information Tyrannosaur


What’s Izik? Introducing a swipier, slashier search

Specially for tablets, Izik by Blekko is a new, free search app for iPad and android. Results are organized by contextual categories in an image-rich page, with convenient options for social sharing… Read on @LibraryJournal

Linking to exact minutes and seconds in YouTube videos

YouTube has a way for you to link to the exact minute and second within a video by messing with the URL a bit… Read on @ResearchBuzz

7 ways librarians can participate in open access/source/education communities

As a librarian I use a lot of information, software, and resources which are made available to me through creative commons licensing, open access repositories, and the open source community. If you’re like me and looking for ways to give back, here are a few ideas for ways you can contribute to these amazing communities… Read on @OEDb_iLibrarian

Stratification and losing faculty status

I was surprised when I read a couple of weeks ago that the University of Virginia was taking faculty status away from its librarians. Even more surprising was the fact that it was at the behest of the University Librarian (it seems like these challenges come, more often, from outside of the library)… Read on @Information Wants To Be Free

“Rethinking reference and instruction with tablets”

This (chapter fr. Library Technology Reports) gives a quick overview of tablets and their popularity, then considers the role they are playing in the evolution of reference and instructional services in the academic library… Read on Related: Preparing for iPad implementation & Integrating tablets into library services

April 2013: ocTEL – open course in technology enhanced learning

Starting in April 2013 this (free) online course is initially aimed primarily at people teaching at Higher Education level who want to better understand and explore how to use technology to enhance teaching and learning. Read more/register
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