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Making your work hours less stressful and more productive by sitting less

As much as the work of library/information professionals traditionally involves lots of sitting, there’s no denying it. Its negative effects are increasingly being voiced (including at Wired, the New York Times and Harvard Business Review). Read Library Hat on the subject. Also see linked post below re standing desks (11/25/12).


What do you know about first-gen students?

Some of the challenges first-generation students face, and the likelihood of such students going on to or graduating college is growing startling worse. @ LibraryJournal Read more

Google and the future of search

Searching the internet may be about to change.

This year, Google will roll out what it calls its Knowledge Graph, the closest any system has yet come to creating … “the semantic web,” the version that could itself provide answers, not links to answers. (For the crux of the subject, jump down pass Amit Singhal photo.) @Guardian Read more …

5 things I learnt about Open Access after reading Crawford’s & Suber’s books

Seeking to get up to speed on the idea of Open Access, Tay relates key concepts and thinking surrounding OA that surprised him most. @Musings about Librarianship Read more …
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Recording and hosting podcasts using the Internet Archive

The steps involved in and benefits of hosting podcasts on Internet Archive. @ProfHacker Read on …

Focusing your focus groups: ten ways they can enhance discovery

I have found thematic conversations with various user (and non-user) segments to be an important component of my discovery strategy. Focus groups often get knocked because … @Ubiquitous Librarian Read on

A year in open access advocacy: 2012

Carrying through with his theme of advocating for a fairer and more just scholarly publishing ecosystem, Dupuis offers a year end review. @ConfessionsSciLibrarian Read on

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